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Information Resources

Pennsylvania State Board of Education

Pennsylvania Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education

Education Commission of the States

National Conference of State Legislatures


National Center for Education Statistics

University of Texas – Data Use

The National Academies

Education Testing Service (ETS)

Institute of Education Sciences

Standard & Poor’s School Evaluation Services

National Center for Education Achievement

National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing

National Center on Educational Outcomes

Council of Chief State School Officers

School Performance Profile

Information Resources | Research & Reports

Research & Reports

Pennsylvania Reports | National Reports

Pennsylvania Reports

2010-2011 PSSA and AYP Results
Pennsylvania Department of Education

Assessment, Testing and NCLB
Pennsylvania School Boards Association

National Reports

The Condition of Education 2013
National Center for Education Statistics, May 2013

A Public Policy Statement
Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in Education, March 2013

The Condition of Education 2012
National Center for Education Statistics, May 2012

State Pre-K Assessment Policies: Issues and Status
Debra Ackerman and Richard Coley, Educational Testing Service, February 2012

Educational Attainment in the United States: Latest Releases
U.S. Census Bureau, 2011

Benchmarking for Success: Ensuring U.S. Students Receive a World-Class Education
National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Achieve Inc., December 2008

The Accuracy and Effectiveness of Adequate Yearly Progress, NCLB’s School Evaluation System
William J. Mathis, Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union, University of Vermont, September 2006

Making the Cut: How States Set Passing Scores on Standardized Tests
Education Sector, July 2006

Reality Check 2006 Issue No. 3: Is Support for Standards and Testing Fading?
Public Agenda, June 2006

Improving Assessment and Accountability for English Language Learners in the No Child Left Behind Act
National Council of La Raza, March 2006

ISTEPing in the Right Direction? An Analysis of Fall Versus Spring Testing
Center for Evaluation and Education Policy at Indiana University, Winter 2005-2006

Using Student Progress to Evaluate Teachers: A Primer on Value-Added Models
Educational Testing Service, November 2005

Online Assessment in Mathematics and Writing: Reports From the NAEP Technology-Based Assessment Project, Research and Development Series
National Center for Education Statistics, August 2005

Identifying School Districts for Improvement and Corrective Action Under the No Child Left Behind Act
Center on Education Policy, March 2005

Benchmarks for an Effective State Standards & Testing Strategy
Mass Insight Education & Partnership for Learning, Spring 2004

12th Grade Student Achievement in America: A New Vision for NAEP
National Assessment Governing Board, March 2004

After the Test: Closing the Achievement Gap With Data
Bay Area School Reform Collaborative Power Point, December 2003

Growth in School Revisited: Achievement Gains from the Fourth to the Eighth Grade
Educational Testing Service, November 2003

Reaching New Heights: Turning Around Low-Performing Schools
National Governor’s Association, October 2003

Thinking About Tests and Testing: A Short Primer in “Assessment Literacy”
American Youth Policy Forum, October 2003

Determinants of Student Achievement: New Evidence from San Diego
Public Policy Institute of California, August 2003

Overview and Inventory of State Education Reforms: 1990 to 2000
National Center for Education Statistics, July 2003

Perceived Effects of State-Mandated Testing Programs on Teaching and Learning: Findings from a National Survey of Teachers
National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy, March 2003

Testing the Testers 2003: An Annual Ranking of State Accountability Systems
The Princeton Review, 2003

The Impact of High-Stakes Tests on Student Academic Performance
Audrey L. Amrein and David C. Berliner, The Education Policy Studies Laboratory at Arizona State University, December 2002

An Analysis of Some Unintended and Negative Consequences of High-Stakes Testing
Audrey L. Amrein and David C. Berliner, The Education Policy Studies Laboratory at Arizona State University, December 2002

Defining and Assessing Learning: Exploring Competency-Based Initiatives
National Center for Education Statistics, September 2002

Local Flexibility within an Accountability System
Benjamin Scafidi, Catherine Freeman and Stan DeJarnett, The Education Policy Analysis Archives, October 2001

Assessment and Accountability Systems: 50 State Profiles
Consortium for Policy Research in Education, March 2001

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