Pittsburgh City Schools Learning to do More with Less

Cutting school budgets is in vogue these days, but Pittsburgh is trying to save money this fall by approaching cost-cutting from a different angle.

The first question is not cost but equity: What should all children have in the Pittsburgh Public Schools?

The second is: How can that be accomplished and save money?

The result is a plan — now in its final stages of development — that changes the way the district determines how much money each school gets, increases class sizes and is part of an expected $29.1 million in annual savings.

The plan is intended to ensure all students receive classes in not only the core subjects but art, music and physical education as well as have access to a librarian and a counselor or social worker. World language teachers also will be provided for schools that offer those classes.

Click here to read the full article published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (March 26, 2012).


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