PA Cyber connections prompt inquiry –Many Trombetta associates had role in school’s development

When the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School needed more office space, then-superintendent Nick Trombetta didn’t hesitate to seek help from his friends.

The burgeoning school secured property on the main drag of the Beaver County town of Midland with the aid of Mr. Trombetta’s high school wrestling teammate. It built a three-story brick office building at 735 Midland Ave. under the supervision of the teammate’s brother.

A nonprofit run in part by allies and relatives of the superintendent’s inner circle leased and later sold the building to PA Cyber. And a company run by a PA Cyber board member sold the school teleconferencing equipment for the facility.

In the process, hundreds of thousands of dollars that originated with local public schools flowed through PA Cyber into the hands of people with long relationships with Mr. Trombetta.

Click here to read the full article by Rich Lord published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (August 12, 2012).


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