Pa. Experts Debate Value of Cyber Charter Schools

It got to the point where Micaela Wagner wanted to swap one “clique” for another.

Never a big fan of the traditional classroom, the Carlisle girl was annoyed by the groups of students who used to tease and torment each other.

Along with that, tuition at the Christian academy was getting to be too steep for her family and the demand for transportation to and from the private school conflicted with her mother’s work schedule.

So the family decided in 2008 to enroll Micaela in the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. Today, the 16-year-old girl pursues her future, one lesson at a time, with just a “click” of a laptop touch pad.

As students across Cumberland County gear up this week for the first day of school, Micaela will complete her summer list of online courses in preparation for the 11th grade cycle of class offerings that start up in September.

Click here to read the full article by Joseph Cress published in The Sentinel (August 26, 2012)


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