Study Finds PA’s School Librarians Spread Thin

School librarians do more than shush students – they help teachers with reading curricula, encourage kids to read outside of school, and they’re proven to be linked to high student achievement.

If they have the time.

About 73 percent of the commonwealth’s public schools have taken part in a study that reveals school libraries are hurting for funding and resources. 

Mary K. Biagini, a University of Pittsburgh professor who compiled and analyzed the responses to the State Board of Education survey of Pennsylvania’s public school libraries, said 95 percent of responding schools have a library, but only 44 percent of their librarians are full time.

“Many of the librarians are serving multiple schools within their district, so students do not have access to the librarian, and sometimes the library throughout their school days,” said Biagini.

Education advocates say a more recent snapshot of school libraries is even more disappointing. Groups like the Education Law Center and the Disability Rights Network say the survey done in 2011 doesn’t reflect the most recent cuts to library programming.

Click here to read the full article written by Mary Wilson published on (August 22, 2012)


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