Gov. Corbett’s Commission on Postsecondary Education Completes Study; Unanimously Adopts Final Report, Makes Recommendations

(November 14) Harrisburg-Governor Tom Corbett’s Advisory Commission on Postsecondary Education completed its nine-month study, submitting 19 key recommendations for improving educational and training choices for the future.

These suggestions focus on what is important to our students now – accessibility and affordability.  Corbett said.  At the same time, it plans for the future by recommending programs that will prepare our students for careers here in Pennsylvania.

Some of the recommendations presented in the report included:

  • Establish a long-term finance and accountability funding model, and link any future increase in funding to performance and outcome-based measures;
  • Create an online presence to help students and their parents make informed choices about higher education or training programs as well as financial plans;
  • Implement targeted, flexible, work-ready dual enrollment programs that will produce graduates ready for careers;
  • Examine opportunities for postsecondary education institutions and programs to consolidate and collaborate.
  • Advocate for tax incentives and in-kind contributions for businesses to contribute to science and technology programs;
  • Improve access to programs that will help ease the transition for students from high school to postsecondary education, with special attention on adult family literacy and job training programs;
  • Encourage and improve specific programs such as the PA Targeted Industry Program, offering scholarships in specific areas producing graduates who will meet the state’s workforce needs;
  • Develop outreach programs to veterans informing them of postsecondary education opportunities, grants and scholarships;
  • Making every effort to increase affordability through tuition containment, identifying potential barriers and possible solutions for traditional and non-traditional, part-time and/or adult students; and
  • Promote research in fields of science, engineering, energy and medicine, and expand research opportunities in order to support and finance future programs to keep Pennsylvania competitive.

The commission was made up of 31 individuals from a variety of backgrounds, both in education and the private sector. During the course of its study, the commission held several public meetings across the state, encouraging input from the public on issues and suggestions for improvement.

Rob Wonderling, president and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, served as chairman of the advisory commission. Wonderling said it was an honor work with a truly superb group of dedicated individuals on the project.

The commission’s recommendations provide a robust roadmap for the next decade that puts the user in the driver seat and helps make education more affordable and accessible for all,Wonderling said.

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For more information, visit

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