Pennsylvania Teacher Evaluations Will be Tied to Schools’ Test Scores

When the new statewide teacher evaluation system takes effect next fall, teachers will be judged not only on how they do in their own classrooms but on how their school does as a whole.

Each school will be awarded a numerical rating using a formula the state Department of Education is developing.

The building rating, which will be made public, will account for 15 percent of an individual teacher’s evaluation.

The department last week presented its draft of what it will count to superintendents and other school officials at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Other presentations seeking feedback are being made around the state.

The plan is a result of a new state law requiring half of a teacher’s evaluation to be based on classroom observation using a certain framework and the other half on “multiple measures of student achievement.”

Click here to read full article by Eleanor Chute published in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (October 31, 2012).


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