Report Tees Up Property Tax Reform Once Again

HARRISBURG —Legislative efforts for Pennsylvania property tax reform next session may build upon past proposals.

Or, the efforts might address some of the biggest cost drivers for local property tax increases.

It all depends on whether lawmakers take cues from a new report , or whether they let it collect dust.

Thursday, 13 lawmakers on the Select Committee on Property Tax Reform voted to accept its draft report with 13 recommendations, as well as analysis of past property tax proposals.

Some recommendations include:

  • Amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to allow home and farm exemption of up to 100 percent of the property value at the discretion of local jurisdictions;
  • Examining the exact cost of charter and cyber charter schools, which are funded by school districts;
  • Amend the tools taxing jurisdictions have for recouping tax debts;
  • Allow taxing jurisdictions more diversified options for revenue-neutral tax shifts.

Last session saw certain reform efforts fail, such as attempts to swap property taxes with other tax increases or provide more local control.

Click here to read the full article by Melissa Daniels published in the Pennsylvania Independent (November 29, 2012)


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