PA State Budget at Mid-Year: Calm Before the Storm

(December 5, 2012)-Pennsylvania’s 2012-13 budget is pretty much meeting all of its important benchmarks, Corbett Administration officials said Wednesday.

Call it the calm before the storm.

Because state Budget Secretary Charles Zogby, pointing to continued growth in projected medical assistance costs and another big step up in mandated public pension costs, said the upcoming 2013-14 budget has the potential to be Gov. Tom Corbett’s toughest yet.

 “I think in many respects the 2013-14 budget is going to be the most difficult budget that we’ve had thus far in what have been two very difficult budgets,” Zogby said, adding that it could mean layoffs in the state workforce.

“I think we’d look first to [eliminating] now-vacant positions if we can,” Zogby said. “But potentially furloughs and layoffs may be the outcome in some areas of the spending restraint and cost-cutting efforts.”

Click here to read the full article by Charles Thompson published on (December 5, 2012).


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