Corbett’s Liquor Privatization Plan Proposes to Invest $1 Billion in Public Schools

Gov. Tom Corbett proposes to make public schools a beneficiary of the proceeds reaped from his proposed liquor privatization plan.

Corbett said, in unveiling his plan at a news conference in Pittsburgh today, that the anticipated $1 billion generated from the sale of the retail and wholesale liquor licenses will be funneled into a “Passport for Learning” block grant program for public schools.

Schools would be limited to use the block grant funds for four purposes: enhancing school safety, individualized learning, promoting reading and math skills in early elementary grades and improving access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Calling the $1 billion block program to be doled out over four years unprecedented, Corbett said, “Passport for Learning is designed to enable school districts to invest in their schools and their students as they know best, to enrich the learning and academic excellence.”

But his plan isn’t being embraced in public education circles where he hasn’t won many friends since taking office in 2011.

Click here to read the full article by Jan Murphy published in the Patriot News (January 20, 3013).


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