States Show Spotty Progress on Education Gauges

The 17th edition of Education Week‘s Quality Counts continues the report’s tradition of tracking key education indicators and grading the states on their policy efforts and outcomes. Each year, Quality Counts provides new results for a portion of the policy-and-performance categories that form the framework for the report’s State-of-the-States analysis. The 2013 edition presents updated scores and letter grades, for the states and the nation as a whole, in three of the six major areas tracked in the report.

New analyses from the EPE Research Center for the Chance-for-Success Index and school finance categories, respectively, capture critical aspects of the broader educational environment and the level and equitability of school funding. In the other updated category, the center examines policies related to transitions and alignment across stages of education. Results for the three other areas in the State-of-the-States rubric—the K-12 Achievement Index, the teaching profession, and standards, assessments, and accountability—were updated for the 2012 report.

Click here to read the full article by Amy M. Hightower published in Education Week (January 4, 2013)


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