School Business Officials Support Changing Pension Laws

By Eleanor Chute, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials today announced it supports making a “significant change” in state pension laws.

PASBO, which is made up of school employees who handle finances and operations, said it supports the restructuring of future benefits for current employees, which Gov. Tom Corbett advocated in his budget address in February.

“Without addressing both current and future costs of mandated pension expenditures for school employees, we will have to devote $2,500 per student by FY 2017-18 just for retirement costs,” PASBO executive director Jay Himes, PASBO executive director, said in a press release.

Find the full article, here: Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials Supports Changing Pension Laws  Eleanor Chute, published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 4/2/13


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