(May 29) PA House Republicans Outline Priorities With Budget Proposal

Press Release 5/29/2013

HARRISBURG – Today, Pennsylvania House Appropriations Chairman Bill Adolph (R-Delaware County) introduced House Bill 1437, the House Republican budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2013-14. The proposal spends $28.3 billion, which is a $578 million or 2.1 percent increase over the current fiscal year.

“The House budget proposal outlines priorities related to education, health and human services, environmental protection, public safety, job creation and government transparency,” Adolph said. “We are recommending a $100 million increase for basic education; supporting the governor’s priority to put 300 new state troopers on the streets; restoring funding for programs that deal with diseases like diabetes, ALS and epilepsy; providing funding for county conservation districts; and increasing funding for the Office of Open Records.”

According to Adolph, the most recent preliminary revenue estimate prepared by the Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) on May 1 was used as the starting point to craft the House budget proposal. The IFO report forecast state revenue collections will be less than anticipated in February.

 “Given the revenue challenges forecast by the IFO on May 1, the House had to essentially start from scratch when drafting the House proposal. The House had to look at what was possible with the revenue reality that developed since February,” said Adolph.

The budget contained in House Bill 1437 was based on current law and does not factor in any policy proposals currently being considered by the legislature.

“The House budget assumes current law as we stand here today. The House has a strict calendar that needs to be followed to pass a budget on time. We do not have the luxury of waiting until June 30 to introduce a budget after we know what policy decisions are made by the Legislature,” said Adolph. “There is a lot that still needs to be negotiated, and I am sure the outcome of those negotiations will be reflected in a final budget that is passed by June 30.”

House Bill 1437 is scheduled to be considered by the House Appropriations Committee on Monday, June 3. More details on the House Republican budget proposal can be found at www.PaBudget.com .


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