(July 15) State House approves Fiscal Code — includes $45 million for Philly schools

Tucked away in what is known as the fiscal code, which the state House approved today was a one-time $45 million infusion for Philly schools. The state Senate is expected to sign off on it Wednesday and will make its way to Gov. Corbett’s desk the same day.

The $45 million, was money freed up under a deal hashed out between the federal government and the state for an outstanding debt in which it was agreed the money would be used to help fund the school district. That funding was in limbo after a Senate Committee made last minute changes to the code at the close of budget season.

The school district is grappling with a $304 million budget gap and requested $60 million from the city, $120 million from the state and $133 million from its unions. 

So far the district is set to get $28 million from the city as promised by Mayor Nutter from increased tax collections, $50 million to be borrowed against an extension of the 1 percent Philadelphia sales tax, the aforementioned $45 million and $15.9 million in state aid –a majority of which the district had already included in its budget.

Find the full article, here: State House approves final budget item that includes $45 million for Philly schools Jan Ransom, Philadelphia Daily News, 7/15/13


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