Watch Now! EPLC “Focus on Education” TV Episode on Parents as Education Advocates

Tune in to the latest episode of EPLC’s ”Focus on Education” serieswhich covered Parents as Advocates for Children and Education and aired on PCN television in September.  On  the panel, EPLC President Ron Cowell and PCN Host Corinna Vecsey Wilson joined Deborah Dunstone, President of the Pennsylvania PTA; Sylvia Simms, Founder and President of Parent Power; Bonita Allen who is a Parent Involved in Education Consultant with the Pennsylvania State Parent Advisory Council;  and Kurt Kondrich, Chair of the Pennsylvania State Interagency Coordinating Council and is also the Director of Family and Community Outreach for service provider Early Intervention Specialists.

For additional resources on this topic, visit EPLC’s Clearinghouse pages dedicated Parent and Community Involvement and Special Education.  

The Keystone PTA, a statewide PTA unit, was created for individuals who care about children, believe in the mission of the PTA and would like to become a member, but are not necessarily affiliated with a specific school or community based PTA.  For more information, please visit

EPLC and PA Cable Network (PCN) have partnered for a monthly program focusing on education issues in Pennsylvania.  The first episodes aired February through June and covered school safety issuesstudent testing, school board , school funding, and drop out prevention topics.

“Focus on Education” will be broadcast on PCN at 9:00 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, now through December.

To learn more, visit PCN’s “Focus on Education” webpage.


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