(Feb 3) Public schools, pensions to top Corbett’s budget address

By Angela Couloumbis and Amy Worden, Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau  POSTED: February 02, 2014

HARRISBURG Public schools and pensions will top the agenda when Gov. Corbett delivers his fourth budget address Tuesday.

And overall, the news is expected to be good.

So signaled Budget Secretary Charles Zogby on Friday, saying the governor will be making “substantial new investments” in education, health care, and jobs programs.

He would not give specific numbers. But Zogby said the administration faced tough financial times over the last three years and made difficult decisions to rein in spending – decisions, he said, that are beginning to pay dividends.

“We are at a pivot point,” said Zogby, “where the governor’s hard work and tough decisions have really paid off. The state is in a better position.”

 Full story: Public schools, pensions to top Corbett’s budget address Angela Couloumbis and Amy Worden, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/2/14



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