(Nov 1) Home-School Bill in Legislature Could Relieve Parental Burden, But Cut School District Accountability for Programming

By Angie Mason
York Daily Record

A bill approved by the state legislature would eliminate a step for home-schooling families as they seek approval of their programs each year, but some school officials have raised concern that it lessens accountability.

Both the House and Senate approved House Bill 1013, which now awaits approval in the governor’s office. Among other changes, the legislation would mean that home-schooling families need only the approval of an evaluator for their work from throughout the year — instead of getting the evaluator’s OK and then sending a portfolio to the local school district for approval, too.

Under the changes in the bill, the district would receive certification from the evaluator that appropriate education took place.

Full Story: Home-Schoolers Say Bill Awaiting Approval Would Alleviate Burden, by Angie Mason, York Daily Record, 11/01/14


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