View EPLC’s February “Focus on Education” TV Show on 1) Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Opportunities for All Students, and 2) Career and Technical Education

EPLC aired a “Focus on Education” TV Program on February 8. Click here to view the show, which featured:

Panel 1: Curriculum, Assessment and Academic Opportunities for All Students
Dr. Richard D. Nilsen, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Panel 2: Career and Technical Education
Jackie Cullen, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Administrators
Dr. Clyde Hornberger, Educational Consultant and Former Director, Lehigh Career & Technical Institute

All EPLC “Focus on Education” TV shows are hosted by EPLC President Ron Cowell.

Visit the EPLC and the Pennsylvania School Funding Project web sites for various resources related to education and school funding issues.

Focus on Education” is a monthly program focusing on education issues in Pennsylvania.  Past episodes are available at and have covered the Pennsylvania Historical and Museums Commission, the school funding lawsuit against Pennsylvania state government, the Campaign for Fair Education Funding, Afterschool Programs and Citizens for the Arts in PA, Higher Education, the State Employees Pension Crisis, Teaching in Pennsylvania, the Legacy of Brown vs. Board of Education, Charter Schools, Public and School Libraries, K-12 and Early Education, Governor Corbett’s Proposed Education Budget for 2014-15, Special Education, Arts Education, Parents as Education Advocates, the School Dropout Crisis, How Public Education is Funded, The Work of School Boards, Student Testing, and School Safety Issues.

“Focus on Education” typically airs on the second Sunday of each month at 3:00 p.m. EST on Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) and then airs again several times throughout the same month.


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