(July 19) Republican ‘majority of majority’ rule could test any budget deal

By Marc Levy
Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. — In one of Pennsylvania’s defining legislative battles this century, then-Gov. Ed Rendell won passage of a $1 billion tax package, and it still nags some Republicans that their leaders worked with Democrats to make it law, despite opposition from most members of the GOP’s legislative majority.

Twelve years later, an unwritten Republican rule inspired by votes like that under Rendell could be a key test as leaders of the Republican-controlled Legislature and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf try to break a budget deadlock.

Simply put, the “majority-of-the-majority” rule means legislation cannot get a floor vote unless most Republican lawmakers support it. And many Republicans, particularly the most conservative, want to see their leaders adhere to that rule this time around, as Wolf pursues what opponents call Pennsylvania’s biggest tax increase in history.

Full story: Republican ‘majority of majority’ rule could test any budget deal, by Marc Levy, Associated Press, 07/19/15



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