(Sep 3) One-on-one with Governor Wolf, talking budget stalemate

By Dennis Owens
ABC27 News

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Governor Tom Wolf concedes that job one in any budget negotiation is getting agreement from the two sides on how much money they have to spend. You need to know what you’ve got before you can decide who’s getting what.

Which leads to an obvious question during our sit-down interview in the Governor’s Reception room Thursday morning: do we have a spend number?

Wolf hesitates.

Are we close?

“Yeah, we’re close,” the governor said.

Close to the first step, 65 days after the budget’s due date. Wolf blames the deadlock on a deep philosophical divide.

“We have an overwhelmingly Republican Senate, we have an overwhelmingly Republican House, and I’m a Democrat,” Wolf said in an understated and measured tone. “So, we come to our jobs with disagreements. We have to work through that. It takes a little longer.”

Wolf was matter-of-fact and avoided finger pointing or harsh rhetoric in the 15-minute interview.

Full story: One-on-one with Governor Wolf, talking budget stalemate, by Dennis Owens, ABC27 News, 09/03/15


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