(Sep 8) Lane’s service: The superintendent has strengthened the schools

By the Editorial Board
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Superintendent Linda Lane’s announcement that she will leave the Pittsburgh Public Schools at the end of the school year is emblematic of her leadership: She put the district’s needs first to eliminate speculation about her intentions and make sure it has ample time to recruit an able successor.

The children of Pittsburgh were always front-of-mind for the superintendent, who served as second-in-command to her predecessor, Mark Roosevelt, for four years before taking the top job in 2011. She demonstrated that commitment in countless individual acts, whether escorting a skittish youngster to homeroom on the first day of classes or paying her respects at the funeral of a student. She understands that city schools are enmeshed in every facet of the life of a city.

That’s what a leader does. A leader also makes difficult choices, and in this Mrs. Lane excelled. Because of declining enrollment and limited resources, she carried out unpopular school closings, reduced per-pupil spending and cut the budget so that the district, once forecast to be out of money by now, has at least three years of fiscal viability ahead.

Full Story: Lane’s service: The superintendent has strengthened the schools, by the Editorial Board, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09/08/15


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