Watch Here: EPLC’s February 2017 “Focus on Education” TV Show on Gov. Wolf’s State Budget Proposal, Featuring PA Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera and Leadership of Several State Education Associations

Click here to watch the February 2017 episode of EPLC’s “Focus on Education” TV Program initially aired on Sunday, February 12 at 3 p.m. EST.

Part 1: Guest
: Pedro A. Rivera, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education

Part 2: Guests included:
Dr. Mark DiRocco, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators
Jay D. Himes, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials
Dolores M. McCracken, Vice President, Pennsylvania State Education Association
Mark B. Miller, President, Pennsylvania School Boards Association

All EPLC “Focus on Education” TV shows are hosted by EPLC President Ron Cowell.

Visit the EPLC and the Pennsylvania School Funding Project web sites for various resources related to education and school funding issues. “Focus on Education” is a monthly program focusing on education issues in Pennsylvania.

The program has most recently included interviews with the PA State Board of Education Chairman and Executive Director, leadership of the PA Association of Rural and Small Schools, and leadership of the PA Principals Association and the PA State Education Association. Additional shows have included interviews with PA Senate Education Committee Chair Lloyd K. Smucker and with Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera, and discussions on arts education in PA, teacher preparation, school curriculum and instruction, and many more topics. Recording of all the past “Focus on Education” episodes are posted on the EPLC site

“Focus on Education” airs on the second Sunday of each month at 3:00 p.m. EST on Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) and then airs again several times throughout the same month. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please click here or call 717-260-9900 for more information.



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