(Apr 27) PA Will No Longer Allow Long Grace Period for School Vaccinations

by David Wenner
The Patriot-News

Students entering kindergarten in Pennsylvania will have five days to receive the required vaccinations or prove they are scheduled to receive them. Children who aren’t vaccinated could be barred from attending school.

The regulation, which takes effect in August, all but closes what used to be an eight-month window for getting the vaccines.

Now, parents of students who aren’t vaccinated within the first five days will have to show a medical plan proving they have begun the process of getting the vaccinations.

State health and education officials have said the changes will address health concerns: That unvaccinated children will pass along illnesses to children who can’t be vaccinated because of medical reasons, and that unvaccinated children will be vulnerable during an outbreak of an illness such as measles.

Full story: PA Will No Longer Allow Long Grace Period for School Vaccinations, by David Wenner, The Patriot-News, 04/27/17



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