(Apr 27) Pittsburgh Schools Unveil Five-Year Plan to Close Achievement Gap

by Molly Born
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Public Schools on Thursday unveiled a wide-ranging five-year strategic plan that includes an emphasis on eliminating the racial achievement gap and improving teacher professional development.

The plan “Expect Great Things” draws in part from recommendations in a searing January report from the Council of the Great City Schools, commissioned by the district, and caps off Superintendent Anthony Hamlet’s review of the school system in his first year.

“Throughout this history-making community process, we received feedback from more than 3,500 individuals, to help us prioritize the needs of PPS stakeholders and top priority areas for improving student proficiency,” Mr. Hamlet said in a news release.

Full story: City Schools Unveil 5-Year Plan to Close Achievement Gap, by Molly Born, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 04/27/17


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