(Apr 20) Critics Blast Bill by Rep. Reese That Would Rewrite Charter School Law

By John Finnerty
The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

A proposed rewrite of the state charter school law would allow public schools to keep almost $30 million by adding deductions for costs that computer-based schools don’t have.

Democrats contend the state could provide five or 10 times as much relief for school districts if it more aggressively linked charter payments to the actual cost of educating their students.

In 2014-15 Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts paid about $1.5 billion in tuition to charter schools, according to Education Department data.

The legislation, authored by state Rep. Mike Reese, R-Westmoreland, would create a special commission to examine how much districts should be paying to cyber schools.

The legislation would also make changes to the way the state oversees charter schools, how they are approved and how their teachers are rated.

Full story: Critics: Charter bill shortchanges school districts, by John Finnerty, Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, 04/20/17


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