(Apr 29) Panel Discusses Elimination of School Property Taxes

By Britney Milazzo
Centre Daily Times

UNIVERSITY PARK – Senate Bill 76 calls for the elimination of school property taxes in the commonwealth.

While it vows to match dollar-for-dollar funding through an imposed increase in personal income and sales taxes and shift responsibility of school funding from local districts to the state, many local leaders said this kind of tax reform could come at a price for some.

“It has been my experience that trying to find $14 billion, which is what you would need, approximately, to replace the local property taxes, is no simple lift,” Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-Bellefonte, said. “The last couple years we have struggled to come up with a billion (dollars) just to balance the budget.”

Benninghoff was among a panel of local leaders and education advocates Saturday morning participating in a public discussion on the bill at the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Full story: Panel discusses elimination of school property taxes, by Britney Milazzo, Centre Daily Times, 04/29/17


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