(May 7) Delaware County Daily Times Calls for Citizens to Demand State Address School Funding Inequities

By Editorial Board
Delaware County Times

Brandt reported on two recent studies which analyzed school funding under the current application of the so-called fair funding formula. The results paint a startling picture of discrimination.

Not only were poorer districts getting less than their fair share, the less white a poor district was, the worse the inequity.

“On average, the whitest districts gets thousands of dollars more than their fair share for each student, while the least white districts get thousands less for each student than their fair share,” said David Mosenkis, a data researcher and volunteer who put together one of the studies last year for POWER, a Philadelphia-based faith advocacy group.

The issue goes much deeper than just the effect of race on the fair funding formula. A number of factors have contributed to Pennsylvania’s standing as having the worst funding inequality in the nation, according to The Campaign for Fair Education Funding.

Full Story: Editorial: Demand State Change School Funding Inequities, by Delaware County Times Editorial Board, 05/07/17


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