(May 8) PA Senate Sends Bill to Wolf’s Desk That Encourages School Bus Drivers and Crossing Guards to Train to Use EpiPens on Students Suffering Severe Allergic Reactions By Promising Them Civil Immunity

By Charles Thompson
The Patriot-News

The Pennsylvania Senate gave swift and easy passage Monday to a bill that would extend “good Samaritan” immunity to school bus drivers and crossing guards called upon to administer auto-injectors like EpiPens to students.

The bill, which also passed the state House earlier this year, now goes to Gov. Tom Wolf for enactment.

Wolf is expected to sign it.

The bill is designed to encourage bus drivers and crossing guards to take action and use an EpiPen if they encounter a student in the throes of a serious allergic reaction.

Full Story: A Just-In-Case-Bill Reaches Gov. Tom Wolf’s Desk, by Charles Thompson, The Patriot-News, 05/08/17


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