Thoughts on “Leadership Matters” from Ron Cowell

I have occasionally shared these thoughts about “Leadership Matters”.  What would you include on your list?


#1 – One description of a leader is a person who influences other people to do something those people otherwise would not do. Of course, this influence can be for good or for evil.

#2 – One measure of a leader is the integrity and competence of those chosen to be the leader’s team of staff, advisors, and key appointees.

#3 – A leader should be quicker to take more responsibility than to take more power.

#4 – Credibility and trust are not acquired because of position or title, but must be earned.

#5 – Effective leaders mentor, nurture, and empower others.

#6 – Successful leaders build bridges and relationships rather than walls and barriers – among people, communities, and nations.

#7 – Words matter.  Leaders choose their words carefully – and accept responsibility for what they say.

#8 – Truth and Integrity matter
#9 – A leader’s behavior should be guided by a moral compass about right & wrong rather than a public opinion poll or desire for personal financial or political gain.

#10 – From leaders, especially political leaders, we deserve:  Integrity.  Truth.  Dignity.  Decency.  Competence.  Vision.  Inspiration.  Compassion.  Courage.  Accountability.  Act Responsibly.  Accept responsibility.  Lead by Example.

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