Jim Buckheit

Jim began his tenure as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators in September 2009. With PASA, he is responsible for association positions and advocacy, general education issues, sponsorship and association matters, and member services.

Previously, Jim served as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education. He was appointed by former Secretary of Education Vicki Phillips and State Board Chairman Karl Girton to serve as Executive Director of the State Board of Education in November 2003. The State Board adopts regulations, standards & policies to govern both basic and higher education in Pennsylvania. The Board revised its policies on student attendance, student rights and responsibilities, student services, teacher preparation and certification and special education since 2003. In addition the Board approved several policies necessary to implement NCLB requirements and also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the PSSA. During his eighteen years with the Department of Education he served as director of the Office of School Services, acting director of the Bureau of Community and Student Services and managed a number of statewide programs and initiatives.

Throughout his twenty-seven years as a Commonwealth official, he directed numerous programs and services designed to assist students and at-risk youth. He has helped to establish and direct numerous statewide programs including alternative education, corrections education, youth service corps, dropout prevention, teen parenting, education mentoring, community service-learning, college preparation/transition, welfare-to-work and workforce development programs.

Jim earned a B.A. in History/American Political Process and M.P.A. from Long Island University.

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