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(Aug 11) Lunch lady rises to teachers union leader and takes on all comers, bluntly

By Lyndsey Layton August 11 at 6:33 PM She began her career in a school cafeteria, as a lunch lady. In three weeks, she will take over as head of the nation’s largest labor union, representing 3 million educators. Lily Eskelsen … Continue reading »

(July 23) Philly schools open up overhaul proposals to community

By Solomon Leach Posted: Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 3:01 AM EDUCATORS, PARENTS, community groups and universities that have bold ideas to improve a Philadelphia public school now have a vehicle to pitch their plans. The school district yesterday announced the … Continue reading »

(July 22) Narberth teacher designs app to help educators meet Pa. evaluation requirements

By Kevin McCorry July 21, 2014 Katy Morris, an eighth-grade algebra and geometry teacher at Welsh Valley Middle school in Narberth, is out to revolutionize how teachers experience the evaluation process. This past school year, Pennsylvania adopted a new statewide … Continue reading »

(July 21) NPR: In Asheville, N.C., Summer Vacation Lasts Just A Few Weeks

by Greta Johnsen July 21, 2014 It’s the first day of school at Hall Fletcher Elementary in Asheville, N.C. Principal Gordon Grant stands outside in a white suit and bow tie, greeting students. The kids arrive sporting fresh haircuts and … Continue reading »

(July 17) Governor Corbett and Team PA Announce $450,000 for Governor’s Schools of Excellence in Summer 2015

Text of July 16 press release. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 16, 2014 Governor Corbett and Team PA Announce $450,000 for Governor’s Schools of Excellence in Summer 2015 Harrisburg – Governor Tom Corbett and Team Pennsylvania Foundation (Team PA) President and … Continue reading »

(July 1) Playing Politics With Education: Did the governors of Michigan and Pennsylvania cut education funding or increase it?

Fact Check .Org Posted on June 27, 2014 Summary Claims from gubernatorial candidates and their opponents about education funding in Michigan and Pennsylvania couldn’t appear to be more conflicting. In Michigan, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer talks about reversing Gov. … Continue reading »

(June 30) D.C. Chancellor Kaya Henderson’s Effort to Lengthen School Day Faces Union Resistance

By Emma Brown June 29 at 4:52 PM D.C. Chancellor Kaya Henderson has championed lengthening school days as one of her top priorities for improving schools and lifting student achievement, but her effort to expand the number of schools with … Continue reading »

(June 26) FAILING IN SLOW MOTION How Economic Decline and Big Needs Are Battering the Columbia Borough School District

A Lancaster Newspapers Special Report By Jeff Hawkes, Susan Baldrige and Gil Smart BUDGET BLUES In Columbia on a frigid February morning, students without a ride to school walked. On sidewalks between high snow banks, they passed art galleries and … Continue reading »

(June 5) Survey paints bleak picture of Pa. school funding

By The Associated Press on June 05, 2014 at 3:33 PM HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Rising costs and shrinking state and federal aid at Pennsylvania’s public schools are exacerbating a pattern of property-tax increases, school program cutbacks and employee layoffs, … Continue reading »

(June 5) The Impact of The “Summer Slide”

JUNE 5, 2014 | 6:08 PM BY AMY HANSEN Ah, the summer slide. It’s not your child’s playground agenda during their school vacation– it’s a term used for the regression of students’ skills over their scholastic summer breaks. School summer vacations typically … Continue reading »