Consulting Services

Technical Assistance

provided by The Education Policy and Leadership Center

The Education Policy and Leadership Center, upon request, will provide confidential policy analysis and policy development assistance to state policymakers and public agencies in Pennsylvania.

The Center also will provide technical assistance to local, statewide and national organizations.
The EPLC Staff and Consulting Team will:

  • Provide Customized Professional Development Workshops for Board and Staff
  • Plan and Facilitate Meetings, Retreats and Special Events
  • Support Strategic Planning Activities
  • Deliver Public Policy and Public Advocacy Workshops
  • Develop or Evaluate Public Policy Proposals
  • Develop and Implement Public Advocacy Strategies

To discuss proposals and fees concerning EPLC Technical Assistance for your local, statewide or national organization, please contact Ron Cowell at or (717) 260-9900.

Professional Development Opportunities and Consulting Services Related to the Arts, Arts-In-Education, and Museums

provided by The Education Policy and Leadership Center

Jordan Crosby, Director of EPLC’s Arts and Education Initiative (AEI), is available to work with individuals, organizations, educators, and student groups (grades 3 and above) from Pennsylvania on a contractual basis.

Using original works of art, reproductions, or a combination of both, professional development activities, or other structured learning opportunities, are provided in a variety of formats:

Formal presentations
Guided group discussions
Interactive workshops featuring listening, writing, and sketching activities
One-on-one coaching sessions

Services are customized per various audiences and skill-levels, and experiences are tailored to meet the specific educational outcomes requested.

Services may be provided in meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, galleries, and museums, as necessary.  Meeting space for groups is also available at the EPLC offices in downtown Harrisburg.

Topics of expertise include:

  • Facilitated encounters with select works of visual art, music, theater, or dance
  • Contemporary art
  • Visual art in modern America and Europe
  • Introductions to modern music
  • Critical analysis of the arts
  • Art and expository writing
  • Art and creative writing
  • Aesthetics
  • Art appreciation
  • The role of the arts in PK-12 education
  • Standards-based arts education
  • Interdisciplinary learning through the arts
  • Project-based learning and the arts
  • The role of museums in education
  • How to visit a museum
  • The history of art museums
  • Strategies for object-based learning in museums
  • School-museum partnerships

Jordan Crosby is an art historian, arts educator, and museum audience specialist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has taught in secondary and postsecondary classrooms, galleries, and museums in Pennsylvania, California, and France. After receiving her B.A. from Hamilton College in New York, she acquired her M.A. in Art History at the University of California, Davis.  Prior to joining the staff of EPLC in June of 2010, Jordan worked for five years at Carnegie Museum of Art in the curatorial and education departments.

For more information, and to design a custom program, please call or email Jordan at EPLC.

Phone: (717) 260-9900

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