Part 5: Feedback

The Arts and Education Initiative of EPLC Supporting the Arts in the Schools and Communities of Pennsylvania

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Please rate your level of agreement with the following statement: The six-point agenda proposed by the group is an effective approach to augmenting the relationship between the arts and education.

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Please share your thoughts here about the six-point arts and education agenda: How should public policy support the arts in the future?

4 Responses to Part 5: Feedback

  1. Agree with 4, 5, 6 in theory, but these seem somewhat utopian, depending on your situation/district/etc… It may not be possible for every teacher to tackle these.

  2. These are wonderful and exciting ideas and goals and I would willingly volunteer my time to such an effort. My one caution is this. We have experienced the effect mandated programs without additional funding can effect the school budget as a whole. The last thing I would like to see is a change of attitude from our taxpayers towards Arts in Education due to no additional, or lessened State funding and a need to go to the public for more by way of taxes. Strategic, long term ideas for funding need to be put into place.

  3. The agenda demonstrates such strong promise, but without some adjustment to how financial resources are divided amongst school districts and even individual schools, students and communties with less financial support will, in turn, have fewer opportunities to engage in a rich exposure to all of the artistic disciplines.

  4. The six-point arts and education agenda is good and is needed in our state. However, I feel strongly that the state should present this agenda in a supportive manner to the schools, which respectfully guides schools and communities toward recognizing and valuing the arts that exist in their state and local communities. The agenda should not be presented in a “from-the-top” mandate.