EPLC Conference – 2006

Pennsylvania Education Policy and Leadership Conference 2006

Policymakers, educators, parents, business and community leaders gathered in Harrisburg on March 12-14, 2006 for the Fourth Annual Pennsylvania Education Policy and Leadership Conference.

The event featured two Pre-Conference Workshops on “Building Effective Community-Based Education Foundations: Important Partners for School Districts” and “Interventions that Work to Improve Student Achievement – What Have We Learned; What Are We Doing”.

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Conference Presentations Available Online

“Using 4Sight to Improve Student Achievement by Creating a District-Wide Professional Development Focus”
by James Turner, Director, Partnership for School Improvement, University of Pittsburgh
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“Wilkinsburg School District 4Sight Benchmark Assessment 2005-06”
by Diane Chessman, Math Coach, Wilkinsburg School District
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“Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Initiative: Creating Inspired Leaders at All Levels”
by Sharon Brumbaugh, Executive Policy Specialist, Pennsylvania Department of Education
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“PAGE1: Pennsylvania Achievement Gap Effort”
by James Buckheit, Executive Director, Pennsylvania State Board of Education
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“The State of the Child 2006”
by Joan Benso, President, Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children
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“Effective School Leaders and Student Achievement”
by Dr. Robert Feir, Senior Fellow, EPLC
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“Research Shows: Children Learn More from National Board Certified Teachers”
by Rosalie Dibert, Teacher, Pittsburgh Public Schools and Carla Claycomb, Senior Specialist, Policies and Programs, Pennsylvania State Education Association
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“Governor’s Commission on Training America’s Teachers”
by Dr. Robert Feir, Executive Director, Governor’s Commission
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“The Power of Progress & Achievement: Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System”
by Kristen Lewald, Coordinator, Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System and Pamela McCartney, Consultant, Lancaster-Lebanon I.U. #13
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“Fixing Pennsylvania’s Ineffective K-12 Funding System: Are We Making Progress?”
by Dr. Eric Elliott, Assistant Director of Research, Pennsylvania State Education Association
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Plenary Session on “What’s Working with NCLB and What’s Not: Messages for the Congress”
Comments by James Testerman, Vice-President, Pennsylvania State Education Association
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