Past Speakers: 2002

December 2, 2002 – Harrisburg
Robert Nelkin
Director, Division of Policy Initiatives, University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development
Dr. Marsha Weinraub
Director, Personality and Social Development Research Laboratory, Psychology Department, Temple University
Dr. Rick Fiene
Director, Capital Area Early Childhood Training Institute for Infancy, The Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Mark Greenburg
Director, Prevention Research Center, College of Health and Human Development, The Pennsylvania State University
Marilyn Ware
Chairman, American Water Works Company, Inc., and Chair, Governor’s Task Force on Early Childhood Care and Education
Russ McDaid
Deputy Director, Governor’s Policy Office, Office of Governor Mark Schweiker
Topic: A Forum on Research Findings from Governor Schweiker’s Early Childhood Care and Education Task Force
To access the research discussed during this forum, see EPLC’s Education Policy Information Clearinghouse

November 14, 2002 – Pittsburgh
Robert Nelkin
Director, Division of Policy Initiatives, University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development
Dr. Karen McIntyre
Executive Director, Education Policy and Issues Center
Dr. Rita Bean
Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Education
Kelly Mehaffie
Assistant to the Co-Director, University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development
Alex Matthews
Pittsburgh School District Board Member and President of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association
Russ McDaid
Deputy Director, Governor’s Policy Office
Topic: The Governor’s Early Childhood Care and Education Task Force Report: Implications for the Preparation of Teachers of Children Birth to Eight Years
Power point presentations by Robert Nelkin, Dr. Karen McIntyre, Dr. Rita Bean and Kelly Mehaffie

November 13, 2002 – Harrisburg
Michael Toth
Founder and CEO, Learning Sciences International
Dr. Frederica Haas
Private education consultant and former Director of Teacher Preparation and Certification for the Pennsylvania Department of Education
Topic: Rethinking the Way Professional Development is Delivered: The Power of Online Learning for Educators
Presentation from Michael Toth

October 17, 2002 – Pittsburgh
Tomi Waters Boylstein
President, Pennsylvania PTA
Tim Allwein
Assistant Executive Director, Pa. School Boards Association
Dr. Bruce Bovard
Superintendent, Canon-McMillan School District
Dr. Shula Nedley
Assessment Consultant, Partnerships for Educational Excellence Network
Topic: The State Board Mandated Pennsylvania High School Graduation Requirements for 2003: Implications for Students and School Districts

October 16, 2002 – Harrisburg
Karl Girton
Chairperson, PA State Board of Education
Topic: Report from the Chair of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education

June 5, 2002 – Harrisburg
Wendy Puriefoy
President, Public Education Network
Topic: Helping All Students Succeed When States Implement Standards-Based Reforms

May 23, 2002 – Pittsburgh
Jonathan Jacobson
Director, Standard and Poor’s School Evaluation Services
Topic: Standard and Poor’s Pennsylvania School District Evaluation Report
Powerpoint Presentation by Jonathan Jacobson

April 25, 2002 – Pittsburgh
Betty Castor
President and CEO
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Topic: National Board Certification

March 21, 2002 – Pittsburgh
Joan Benso
President and CEO
Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children
Adele Robinson
Director of Public Policy and Communications
National Association for the Education of Young Children
Topic: Getting Kids Ready for School: A Role for Policymakers
Powerpoint Presentation by Adele Robinson

March 20, 2002 – Harrisburg
Karen Miller
State Office, Pennsylvania Economy League
Topic: Important Questions for the 2002 Candidates About Pennsylvania’s Future
Powerpoint Presentation by Karen Miller

February 26, 2002 – Harrisburg
Dr. Joellen Roseman
Director of Project 2061
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Topic: Advancing Science and Mathematics Literacy: Policy Issues and Public Action
Powerpoint Presentation by Dr. Joellen Roseman
Written Remarks by Dr. Joellen Roseman

January 30, 2002 – Harrisburg
Aims McGuinness
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS)
Topic: Shaping a Public Agenda for Higher Education in Pennsylvania
Powerpoint Presentation by Aims McGuinness

January 24, 2002 – Pittsburgh
Dr. Joanne Manning
Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory
Topic: Moving from School Reform to School Improvement
Powerpoint Presentation by Dr. Joanne Manning

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