Teacher Quality and Supply Project

In February 2003, the Center issued a report for state policymakers concerning teacher quality and supply issues in Pennsylvania. The report followed the year-long work of a 27-member study group convened by EPLC in January 2002. The Study Group examined how state policy can support the presence of a qualified teacher in all Pennsylvania classrooms at all times.

As part of the work of the Study Group, EPLC hosted the Pennsylvania Conference on Teacher Quality and Supply Issues. The two-day Conference attracted a broad audience who attended sessions on teacher preparation and certification, induction and mentoring, recruitment and retention and more.

The Center has also helped to convene a Pennsylvania Team to participate in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Teacher Project sponsored by the Council on Basic Education and the Laboratory for Student Success at Temple University. The regional project is considering issues of mutual concern among the Mid-Atlantic States and opportunities for the states to collaborate to better assure supply and quality of teaching force for the region.

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