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What Arts Graduates Say: Education and Careers

A national study released this month shows that Americans with arts degrees are generally satisfied with their educational and career experiences. For example, nearly nine out of 10 employed arts graduates responding to the survey are satisfied with the job … Continue reading »

National Arts Policy Findings Released

New Report from the 2011 National Arts Policy Roundtable Now Available On May 24, the Sundance Institute and Americans for the Arts released a new report based on findings from the most recent National Arts Policy Roundtable.  Innovating for Impact: … Continue reading »

Arts and Education Symposium: 10/13/11

Update on Arts and Education Initiative

Part 2: Strengths and Weaknesses in PA Arts and Education

Supporting the Arts in the Schools and Communities of Pennsylvania “This list is sobering,” conceded Atlee.  “Clearly, we need a comprehensive approach to promoting the arts and arts education in these difficult times.” Turning to the students in the group, … Continue reading »

Part 1: A Gathering of Concerned Citizens, Sometime in the Present

Supporting the Arts in the Schools and Communities of Pennsylvania Taylor Atlee welcomed everyone.  A longtime champion of the arts, Atlee had volunteered to facilitate the discussion.  Joining her was a roomful of concerned citizens, invited to contribute their thoughts … Continue reading »

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