Three Distinguished EPFP Alumni Recognized at Annual Luncheon

Edward J. Fuller, Penn State University; Charles D. Allen, U.S. Army War College; and Monica Taylor, Temple University, received EPLC’s 2023 Alumni Awards for their outstanding achievements and service to education at EPLC’s Annual Recognition Luncheon on June 7, 2023 at the Penn Harris Hotel in Camp Hill.

Ed Fuller is a graduate of the 2011-2012 PA Education Policy Fellowship Program.  He has met with members of the Fellowship Program practically every year since his own participation. Ed Fuller is an associate professor in the Department of Education Policy Studies in the College of Education at Penn State. His research interests include educator (teacher, principal, and central office administrator) quality, distribution, mobility, turnover, and career pathways; educator preparation; school improvement; evaluation; and charter schools.

Colonel (retired) Charles D. Allen is a graduate of the 2004-2005 PA Education Policy Fellowship Program.  He has contributed to the success of the Fellowship Program in many ways, including his efforts to annually organize a day at the Army War College as part of the multi-state Regional Leadership Forum, and his presentations at each of those meetings. He has served for almost two decades as a member of the EPLC board of Directors, including many years as Chairperson of the Board of the Directors.

Dr. Monica Taylor is a graduate of the 2018-2019 PA Education Policy Fellowship Program.  She was appointed by Governor Wolf to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education in 2022. Dr. Taylor is a professor and program director in the Kinesiology department at Temple University. In addition to her teaching, research, and administrative duties, Monica is working on community outreach projects to educate high school students about potential future careers in the healthcare industry.