School Board Workshops & Presentations


  • Legal and leadership roles of school directors and school boards
  • State and federal policies: implications for school boards
  • School district finance and budgeting
  • Student choices & placements (non-public, homeschooling, charter schools, CTCs, PRRIs, IU classes, and more
  • Curriculum mandates, state standards and assessments, and graduation requirements
  • Helpful resources, other topics as requested

Fees to be determined.

Guest/Keynote Speaker Engagements

Topics (sample listing, contact EPLC for additional inquiries)

  • Early Childhood Education: Why It Matters
  • Competency-Based Advancement (for students and/or educators)
  • Understanding PA’s Education Infrastructure
  • Design Principles for Effective School Systems
  • Making Sense of Federal, State and Local Education Policy
  • Exploring the Purpose and Vision for K-12 Education

Fees to be determined.

Facilitation Services Description

Description: EPLC will facilitate your strategic planning sessions, board retreats, administrative team meetings, community forums, or other gatherings in which you have determined the purpose and/or content, and for which we will develop and implement the manner in which that purpose can be achieved and/or the content learned.

Fees to be determined.

Leadership Team Consulting/Coaching Description

Description: EPLC provides consultative and coaching services for school/district leaders and school/district leadership teams. Consultation and coaching are based on embedding data-informed cycles of continuous improvement through the use of high-yield personal and team behaviors and deliberate and sustainable approaches to assessing and refining your system’s policies, including design, expected outcomes, implementation, and analyses of the results achieved.

Fees to be determined.