About the Program

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The Pennsylvania Education Policy Fellowship Program has been sponsored by The Education Policy Leadership Center (EPLC) since 1999, and has over 700 graduates who are leaders in organizations and programs across the Commonwealth. Throughout its history, the commitment of EPLC to this Fellowship Program remains the same. The Fellowship Program will continue to be Pennsylvania’s premier education policy leadership program for education, community, policy and advocacy leaders! For the 2024-2025 Program, Fellows will have the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented cohort of peers from across Pennsylvania, while interacting with session leaders and guests who represent a broad scope of experience and perspective — both statewide and nationally. Those who are interested will have the opportunity to earn 90 hours of Act 45/48 credit.

The Education Policy Fellowship Program annually brings together a diverse cohort of professionals from education, human services, government, business, and community organizations.

You are invited to apply if you have:

  • A track record of making things happen – inside and across agencies/organizations.
  • A full-time professional position and substantive work experience.
  • A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  • The endorsement and financial support of your employing organization.
  • A commitment to personal and professional development.

What is my commitment if I am accepted as an EPFP Fellow?

  • Participate in a two-day opening session (September)
  • Participate in 14 virtual sessions (2.5 hours each) approximately twice a month from November through May.
  • Participate in a virtual two-day Regional Leadership Forum (2.0 hours per day).
  • Participate in Days-in-the-Capitol in Washington DC (April) and Harrisburg (May).
  • Complete independent policy research as a member of a small team to develop a policy proposal.
  • Share your experience and knowledge with otherFellows through presentations, discussions with guests and in small group discussions, and in
    team projects.

How will my organization benefit from my participation in the EPFP?

Employers gain:

  • Access to a professional development program with a proven track record.
  • Better informed, more skillful employees.
  • Employees who are ready to assume more leadership responsibilities.
  • Expanded networks that enhance the organization’s ability to access key leaders and decision makers who shape policy on behalf of children and youth.

What is my employer’s commitment in supporting my participation?

  • Provide release time for your participation in the virtual sessions and for the “Day-in-the-Capitol” sessions in Harrisburg and Washington DC.
  • Pay a tuition fee of $2,350 plus travel-related costs for meetings in Harrisburg and Washington DC. (Tuition includes meals for the Harrisburg, Washington DC, and June graduation events, and also any regional events that may be scheduled).

Does participation in the EPFP qualify for Act 45, Act 48 and SBA credits?

  • The Program is currently approved for Act 45 or Act 48 credit through Shippensburg University. Participants interested in Act 45 credit enroll in a Shippensburg University graduate course at a cost of $275. Indicate your interest in this option on the application form.

How Do EPFP Alumni Describe the Program?

  • Click here to read reflections from EPFP Alumni about their experience in the Fellows program.

How do I apply?