Education Policy Fellowship Program Alumni
Class of 1999-2000

Titles and organizations listed are the positions held by the Fellows at the time of their participation in the EPFP.

Angela Bowie (1999-2000)
Legislative Director, Office of Senator Vincent Hughes
Currently Director of Policy Development, Public/Private Ventures, Philadelphia

Diane Castelbuono (1999-2000)
Director, Policy and Planning Support
School District of Philadelphia
Currently Deputy Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education

Dr. David Gamson (1999-2000)
Assistant Professor of Education, College of Education
The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Peggy Hockersmith (1999-2000)
Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Rodney Hopson (1999-2000)
Assistant Professor, School of Education
Duquesne University

Carole Huberman-Talerico (1999-2000)
Director, Bureau of Unclaimed Property
Pennsylvania Treasury Department

Reginald Irvis (1999-2000)
Manager, PATH & Outreach Program
Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency

Yvette H. Lamb (1999-2000)
Assistant Director, Starting Points
Office of Child Development, University of Pittsburgh
Currently Senior Project Director, Center for Education Policy and Practice, Academy for Educational Development

Dr. Marilyn Miller (1999-2000)
Assistant Superintendent
Palisades School District

Dr. James Ormiston (1999-2000)
Executive Vice-President
Valley Forge Military Academy and College
Retired and relocated to North Carolina

Dr. Evelyn W. Rossi (1999-2000)
Director of Human Resources
Allentown School District
Currently Assistant to the Superintendent for Secondary Education and Human Resources, Lebanon School District

Christopher Wakeley (1999-2000)
Executive Director, Democratic Staff, Education Committee
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Jonathan Walkush (1999-2000)
Policy Analyst, Education Policy & Issues Center
Currently an Independent Consultant

Dr. Pamela Blake Welmon (1999-2000)
Director, Career and Vocational Education
Milton Hershey School