Education Policy Fellowship Program Alumni
Class of 2011-2012

Titles and organizations listed are the positions held by the Fellows at the time of their participation in the EPFP.

Judy Ball (2011-2012)
Educational Consultant
Pennsylvania Training & Technical Assistance Network

Jason Billups (2011-2012)
Executive Director of Data & Systems
Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School

Corinne R. Brandt (2011-2012)
Manager of Policy Information and Programs
The Education Policy and Leadership Center

Dawn Brookhart (2011-2012)
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology
Danville Area School District

Rhonda A. Brunner, Ed.D. (2011-2012)
Superintendent of Schools
West Perry School District

Christopher Budano (2011-2012)
Assistant Director of Education Services
Pennsylvania State Education Association

Jonathan Cetel (2011-2012)
Director of Strategic Initiatives
KIPP Philadelphia Charter Schools

Colonel Joseph “Camel” Dill (2011-2012)
U.S. Army War College

Deborah Dunstone (2011-2012)
Pennsylvania PTA

Dr. John Durnin (2011-2012)
Professor, Department of Education and Human Services
Villanova University

Jennifer Fisler, Ed.D. (2011-2012)
Director of Teacher Education and Associate Professor
Messiah College

Jesse Fry (2011-2012)
Regional Coordinator/Basic Education Associate
Pennsylvania Department of Education

Dr. Edward Fuller (2011-2012)
Associate Professor, College of Education
Penn State University

Daniel Green (2011-2012)
Research Associate, Legislative Policy & Research Office
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Democratic Caucus

Susan M. Green (2011-2012)
Business Manager
Southern York County School District

John T. Groves, Ph.D. (2011-2012)
Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Jean M. Johnson (2011-2012)
Librarian for Education/Team Leader
Lehigh University

Antonia F. Keg (2011-2012)
Elementary Co-Chair
Parent Teacher Organization Council
West Chester Area School District

Kathleen Kennedy-Reilly (2011-2012)
Delaware Valley College

Colonel Scott D. King (2011-2012)
Professor, Department of Academic Affairs
U.S. Army War College

Dr. David B. Lapinsky (2011-2012)
Director of Career & Technical Programs
Lehigh Career & Technical Institute

Dawn Merris (2011-2012)
School Board President
Mechnicsburg Area School District

Dr. Phyllis Miller (2011-2012)
Education Certification Coordinator
Alvernia University

W. Gerard Oleksiak (2011-2012)
Vice President
Pennsylvania State Education Association

Kathleen Provinzano, Ph.D. (2011-2012)
Academic Coordinator for Leadership Programs
Wilkes University

Ashlyn Rehm (2011-2012)
Elementary Principal
Mechanicsburg Area School District

Maria A. Snipe (2011-2012)
Chief Executive Officer
Alliance for Progress Charter School

Dr. Aimee LaPointe Terosky (2011-2012)
Assistant Professor
Saint Joseph’s University